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Ashtanga Products > CDs > Breathing and Bandhas CD - Richard Freeman

Breathing and Bandhas CD - Richard Freeman

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Studio Talks with Richard Freeman: Breathing and Bandhas CD

2 CDs, 2 hours

During the practice of the postures of yoga, one should pay particular attention to the breathing. This will eliminate strain and any uneven application of the intelligence to the movement and alignment of the body. On Breathing and Bandhas, Richard Freeman discusses how to work with blockages in your breath's natural flow. By partially closing the glottis (the opening through the vocal chords), one can generate a smooth aspirant sound. By keeping the sound of the breath smooth and even, one automatically creates a continuous rate of flow, emptying and filling the lungs comfortably in equal lengths of time. This full breathing is called Ujjayi Pranayama, meaning, "victorious stretching of the breath or Prana."

Since 1968 Richard Freeman has devoted his life to studying, practicing and teaching all aspects of Yoga. He has lived in India for more than eight years studying a variety of yoga traditions. A longtime student of K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, Richard is the director of The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. In this series of informal talks given at his studio, Richard shares his knowledge on a wide range of the more subtle aspects of Yoga.

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