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Giuliano and Margherita Vecchie

September 2014 - June 2016

Bologna, Italy

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive (200h Yoga
Alliance and/or 450h ADO/UISP)

This two/three years course focuses
on teaching traditional Ashtanga
Yoga (Guided classes and Mysore
style). The aim is to deliver a
Yoga practice and the theory of
Yoga based on the teachings of Sri
Pattabhi Jois and his son Manju
Pattabhi Jois.
The training focuses on: Ashtanga
practice, Yoga techniques, teaching
methods, adjustment clinic,
Anatomy, Physiology, Yoga
philosophy (Yoga Sutra, Yoga Mala,
Vedanta, Samkhya, Kashmir Shivaism,
Buddhism and so on), the history of
Yoga in India, the Masters of Yoga,
and the participation in one
intensives week (teachers training
Primary Series or Intermediate
Series) with Manju P. Jois, to
connect with the real source of
Ashtanga Yoga. Basic texts:
Guruji's Yoga Mala, Manju's
Ashtanga Yoga manual and the new
Giuliano's Yoga Chikitsa.

Ashtanga Yoga Academy (AYBO)
Via degli Orti, 44
40100 Bologna

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