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Greg Tebb

July 5-12, 2014

Nosara, Costa Rica

Ashtanga Workshop Costa Rica
with Greg Tebb
July 5-12, 2014

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Contact: Troy Taylor

Have you begun to develop a passion
for your yoga practice? Do you wish
to deepen the practice you have
begun to find the peace and
steadiness that it brings? Deepen
your practice through the practice
of Ashtanga yoga designed as a
system to guide anyone who
practices to live healthfully,
mindfully, and in the moment with
peace and harmony for all beings.
Whether you have just begun your
practice or have spent many years
perfecting the asana (postures),
join Greg Tebb, a native New
Zealander, current resident of New
York City, longtime student of Sri
K. Pattabhi Jois, and lifetime
student and friend to his son Manju
Pattabhi Jois as he guides you
along the way during morning
practices and daily workshop
activities. This workshop is for
both practitioners and teachers who
want to deepen and personalize
their practice for themselves
and/or to help others discover the
benefits. Develop a greater
understanding of the healing and
meditational aspects of Ashtanga
practice. Find the balance and
steadiness that yoga can bring not
only through asana practice but
also through the integration of the
other aspects (limbs) and ancient
applications (meditation, chanting,
Ayurveda). All of this surrounded
by the lush tropical forests and
Pacific Ocean front access at one
of the world's "Blue Zones" on the
Pacific Coast of Costa Rica! A life
transforming experience!

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