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Philippa Asher

August 24-30, 2014

Argyll, Scotland, UK

ecoYoga Centre
Inverliever Lodge
PA31 8RH
tel +44(0)1546 810259

Traditional Guided Ashtanga Yoga with Philippa Asher
Sunday 24th August - Saturday 30th August 2014

£795 per person

Over six consecutive mornings of assisted traditional Ashtanga self practice and a counted led class, you will have the opportunity to deepen and develop your asana technique and practice, whilst being guided through methods for approaching the more challenging asanas. You will be encouraged to transform your practice into a moving meditation and to experience the joy of moving serenely through the asanas, with humility and grace. Philippa is particularly skilled at reading bodies and working out what each individual needs to do, in order to master good alignment, elegance, strength and peace in an asana.

Afternoon workshops at ecoYoga centre will cover:

- Concepts of the Ashtanga practice

- Technique and safe alignment

- Yoga philosophy & history

- Chanting, pranayama & meditation

Perfect for established practitioners of the Primary, Intermediate, or Advanced series, who are keen to devote a week to honing in on the subtleties of the traditional Ashtanga practice, whilst receiving guidance on how to develop the asanas that they are currently working on.

About Philippa:

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