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Tarik Thami

September 1-12, 2014

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Join Tarik for 10 full days of
traditional Ashtanga practice and

Mornings will begin with a Mysore-
style practice at sunrise and
afternoons will be a mix between
philosophy classes, technique,
meditation or a topic of interest.

There will be time during the day
for treatments, excursions, walks
or to enjoy the beautifully L-
shaped pool.

Ashtanga Sri Lanka by Purple Valley

The retreats at Maya specialise in
Ashtanga yoga, and with small
groups of maximum 10 people, this
is a unique way to learn Ashtanga
yoga in a quiet, luxurious setting,
and with exceptional teachers.

Each course is for 12 nights, with
10 morning yoga classes and 7
afternoon classes weekly of various
content according to the teacher
and session. With a dedicated
outdoor yoga space, expansive
views, enchanting bird life
and a tropical backdrop, the
peaceful setting of Maya lends
itself perfectly to deepen your
yoga practice.

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