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Sarai Harvey-Smith

September 15-27, 2014

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Ashtanga Sri Lanka by Purple Valley

Join Sarai for 10 days of
incredible yoga and workshops, in a
luxuriously intimate setting. Each
day will start with a Mysore style
class at sunrise, followed by a
leisurely breakfast and time for
treatments, massages or excursions.

Afternoon workshops will include
restorative yoga, meditation,
philosophy or technique, to further
explore some aspects of the
practice. There will be time at
each class for questions.


Mysore-style is the traditional
format for learning Ashtanga. It is
perfect for all levels, from
absolute beginners to more
experienced students, with each
person receiving plenty of
individual attention. The class is
not led and all instruction is
given on an individual basis ñ like
a private class within a group

All levels of students are welcome,
though previous experience with
Ashtanga is recommended.

The retreats at Maya specialise in
Ashtanga yoga, and with small
groups of maximum 10 people, this
is a unique way to learn Ashtanga
yoga in a quiet, luxurious setting,
and with exceptional teachers.

Each course is for 12 nights, with
10 morning yoga classes and 7
afternoon classes weekly of various
content according to the teacher
and session. With a dedicated
outdoor yoga space, expansive
views, enchanting bird life
and a tropical backdrop, the
peaceful setting of Maya lends
itself perfectly to deepen your
yoga practice.

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