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John Scott

December 6-19, 2014

Goa, India

This is a unique opportunity to
study with David Keil, Gretchen
Suarez and John Scott--all highly
experienced Ashtanga yoga
practitioners and teachers. David
and Gretchen have a deep knowledge
of anatomy, kinesiology and
bodywork seen through there many
videos and books on this subject.
John Scott is a world renowned
teacher well known for his detailed
and informative narrative and his
ability to direct students into a
strong practice with soft intent.
He helps students to discover a
balance between the powerful
strength aspects and the yielding
soft elements required for long-
term practice of Ashtanga.

Each morning David, Gretchen and
John will conduct a traditional
Mysore-style class with a led
primary at the end of each week.
The afternoon sessions will be a
combination of anatomy and Ashtanga
Vinyasa Yoga. The anatomy will be
presented as it relates to the
practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
David has the ability to weave
together the two subjects in a
simple yet profound way that will
clue you into key aspect of your

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