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Ginetta Bernard - Personal Biography

Ginetta Bernard

I began my journey with Ashtanga yoga in 2006 after doctors told me I would never regain the use of my left arm and needed spinal fusion surgery—very difficult words to hear for a professional opera singer and pianist. I tried everything. Nothing was working for me and surgery was not an option. But luck knocked at my door, I was  introduced to Ashtanga yoga by a patient and compassionate teacher, Erica Hildebrant, and began to walk the path. After a year of daily practice, my health gradually returned and over time, the pain went away. Of course, I became a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

In 2011, I had the privilege to study with Manju in Pennsylvania. His kind spirit, humility and true love for his students and the lineage of Ashtanga yoga was a revelation and new beginning. Throughout the practice, Vedic chanting,  pranayama and learning therapeutic benefits of the postures, I found my true home. This sparked my desire in to share yoga with all people, especially those with chronic illnesses. I currently work with clients suffering from the devastating effects of cancer, MS, depression, arthritis and scoliosis utilizing yoga, massage and natural medicine.

In 2017, Manju Jois gave me his blessing to teach both the Primary and Intermediate series. Manju's approach to yoga made me realize that it is all about the flexibility of the mind, then the body follows. Sometimes I even surprise myself singing the Vedic chanting as an opera singer.

I teach primarily in New York City, New York, and Fort Pierce, Florida.


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