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Moon Days 2023

Ashtanga yoga practitioners do not practice on the days of the new or full moon (learn why). Rest on the day on which your regular practice time is nearest the new or full moon. Check your local studio's observed moon days.

Friday, January 6 (full)
Saturday, January 21 (new)

Sunday, February 5 (full)
Sunday, February 19 (new)

Tuesday, March 7 (full)
Tuesday, March 21 (new)

Thursday, April 6 (full)
Thursday, April 20 (new)

Friday, May 5 (full)
Friday, May 19 (new)

Saturday, June 3 (full)
Saturday, June 17 (new)

Monday, July 3 (full)
Monday, July 17 (new)

Tuesday, August 1 (full)
Wednesday, August 16 (new)
Wednesday, August 30 (full)

Thursday, September 14 (new)
Friday, September 29 (full)

Saturday, October 14 (new)
Saturday, October 28 (full)

Monday, November 13 (new)
Monday, November 27 (full)

Tuesday, December 12 (new)
Tuesday, December 26 (full)

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