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Anna Bjärkvik - Personal Biography

Anna Bjarkvik

Anna was born in the USA and raised in Sweden. She used to work as a fashion designer and started to practice yoga to balance a stressful life. Slowly the practice of yoga started to influence her entire life, and a physical and mental shift took place. Since 2004, she has been committed to a daily yoga practice and continuous studies on the subject.

Anna is a direct student of Manju Jois and spent many weeks every year to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga with him. In 2012, she received authorization and blessings from Manju to teach traditional Ashtanga yoga. A warm and joyous atmosphere is an important ingredient in Anna's teachings so that a deep learning can take place both physically and mentally.

When Anna isn't teaching in her community, she does popular retreats and workshops in Sweden and abroad. She has also launched two DVD movies on traditional Ashtanga yoga.

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