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Mario Bucchich - Personal Biography

Mario Bucchich

Mario Bucchich was a communications manager in a big IT company. Interested in many sports, he did judo at the agonistic level. Mario met Lino Miele in a workshop in 2003 and was completely taken by his simple and compassionate way of teaching. Fascinated by the vinyasa system and the deepness of the Ashtanga yoga breath, Mario started practicing regularly and became a devoted student while maintaining his work as owner of an internet company. 

Practicing Ashtanga yoga changed his life, and in 2006, Mario began his apprenticeship with Lino and followed him as a student and assistant in the Italian and worldwide workshops and retreats. In 2007, Lino introduced him to Guruji in Mysore. 

Mario founded in 2009, in association with some of Lino's long-term assistants, the School of Milan where he teaches regularly.

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