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Bonnie Cooper - Personal Biography

Bonnie Cooper

Bonnie is mother to four children, a nature lover and a warm soul who values connection and authenticity. Since first starting her practice in 2011, she has been a dedicated and devoted practitioner and later, teacher. Bonnie uses the Ashtanga yoga practice to support her life and strengthen her body and mind. Through personally experiencing the powerful grounding and healing effects of Ashtanga yoga, Bonnie believes this method is a gift for those whose call it answers. She feels it is a great honour to share the method with all willing students, guiding her students to approach their practice with integrity, self-compassion, and in a nourishing way. Thoroughly trained in long-term apprenticeship by senior teachers Prem and Radha Carlisi at Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre since 2014, Bonnie has a holistic approach to the practice using Ayurvedic principles and energetic alignment to ensure the practice is supportive of, and empowering to, each individual student.

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