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Laura Dunn - Personal Biography

Laura Dunn

Laura Malia Dunn has been practicing the Ashtanga yoga method for the past twelve years and has been teaching Ashtanga yoga for the past eight years. Her first teachers were Rupali Embry and Tania Ingrahm of Yoga Hawaii in Kaimuki, Hawaii. Laura received her teaching certification through Rupali and AYRI-certified teacher Anthony "Prem" Carlisi in 2004. In 2005, Laura took her first trip to Mysore, India, as well as studying with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in San Francisco and his grandson, Sharath, in Honolulu during their tours.

In February of 2009, Laura completed a fruitful one-year apprenticeship with Cathy Louise Broda, who received Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's blessing to teach Ashtanga yoga in 2000. Laura has been practicing steadily with Cathy Louise Broda for over seven years and is working through the third series. Laura's teaching is informed by her ongoing studies of religion and philosophy at the University of Hawaii. She also studied Sanskrit for three years with grammarian and Hindu priest, Rama Nath Sharma, professor of Sanskrit studies at the University of Hawaii.

A large part of Laura's yoga practice involves the "bringing together" of the fragmented self. Laura draws from a background in Buddhist meditation and her studies of Buddhist philosophy, Yogic texts and Sanskrit. She has developed a method of teaching that emphasizes both steadiness and ease in an effort to strike a balance between the tension of opposites in life as well as in yoga practice. Laura teaches students to cultivate the longevity of their practice through adopting an attitude of discipline, patience, and non-attachment.

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