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Terry Johnson - Personal Biography

Terry Johnson

I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 8 years, although I have been involved in teaching movement and breathwork to actors for the past 20 years in Chicago, New York and Detroit. Prior to my Ashtanga yoga studies, I completed a vinyasa teacher training program with Jason Hulshof at Jonny Kest Center for Yoga and a yoga therapy program with Iyengar teacher Deborah Perry.

I met Manju Jois in a Chicago teacher training in 2009 where I was introduced not only to additional postures in the primary and intermediate sequences, but also to Vedic chanting, pranayama, adjustments and the therapeutic benefits of the postures. At that time, Manju suggested I continue my studies with his longtime assistant, Greg Tebb, as Manju traveled frequently. I went to New York to study with Greg and also brought him to Memphis, Tennessee, where I coordinated and participated in several workshops taught by him. Most recently, I assisted Greg in a Memphis teacher training that spanned 7 months (September 2011 to April 2012) and included all that we were taught by Manju. I have made a pilgrimage to Chicago to see Manju each year and have progressed from being a participant in the workshops and teacher trainings to a teacher leading classes and adjusting students under his tutelage.

I have also worked diligently toward growing a vibrant Ashtanga yoga community in Memphis by bringing students to study with Manju. I am so honored to be a part of his yoga lineage.


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