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Jody Manley - Personal Biography

Jody Manley

I am a longtime student of the practice studying in the lineage of Manju P. Jois and Nancy Gilgoff. I began teaching in 1998. I am a longtime student of senior teacher Nancy Gilgoff, taking several adjustment clinics with her and traveling regularly to her studio in Maui to work on my personal practice. I have studied with Manju P. Jois since 2008, completing both his primary and intermediate teacher trainings and traveling annually to attend his Mysore clinics. I am dedicated to teaching the practise in its traditional format as taught by Manju and Nancy. My teaching style reflects the philosophy that the practice can be adapted to meet the needs of individual students while being true to traditional teachings.

Earlier, I have had the honour of meeting and working with Manju's father, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, traveling to Mysore, India in 2006 and attending his teaching workshops in Encinitas (2004) and Montreal (2001). I am also grateful for the teachings I received from David Williams and my first teachers: Tim Miller, Mark Darby, David Swensen and Beryl Bender Birch.

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