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Andrés Wormull - Personal Biography

Andrés Wormull

For over a decade, I have been studying several branches of the Vedic tradition including Yoga, Vedic chanting and Vedanta. I practice and teach Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of guru Sri Manju P. Jois, assisting him also during his workshops around South America. I feel it is a blessing to have a close relationship with Manjuji and the opportunity to study traditional Ashtanga yoga according to the Vedic teachings. In addition to this, I have studied Vedic chanting with Brahmins from South India and Advaita Vedanta with Swami Dayananda Saraswati. I share with passion all the benefits and knowledge received from this great tradition using the practice of yoga as a tool to set us in motion towards absolute freedom and contentment.

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